I make music. I make people laugh. I do neither on purpose. @mikefalzone


Anonymous asked: What are three things you wish you knew before you graduated high school?

Math. Spanish.
Anyone who makes you feel like shit isn’t worth shit.

Hard hitting questions. (by @mikefalzone)

I’m not a huge Walking Dead fan but these little blind box zombies are dope. #walkingdead #funko

My new sounds:

Anonymous asked: I wanna wear shorts and short sleeves but I can't cause of scars?? Advice?

You wear whatever you want.


i know i’ve been absent too frequently. but i made some things recently and i’m sharing them with you today.
which includes this amazing quote taken from an ask entry mike answered on tumblr. mike generally gives great advice and says amazing things.
yay mike falzone! (this will be up on my society6 as a print later in the week)

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Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer

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Looking Through Them All. Live gibson90210

Movie buzzed!!!!