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Anonymous asked: Hey I am starting to adult now in my life can you explain mortgage what a is? Because I sure as hell have no idea what it is?

Lesson one: “Adult” is not a verb.

Everything pretty much works itself out after you get that down.

Anonymous asked: I just found out that I might have cancer and my best friend hasn't said anything to me. I know people process things differently but I'm really hurt and angry. Can you help me sort through this please Mike?

Hey, first of all good luck with everything. Make your mind well and hopefully your body will fall in line : )

You’re right, people process things differently. You do. Your friend does - you’re both probably scared, angry, sad - but how would you know if you don’t talk? 

Talk to each other. Listen to each other. 

Keep me posted.

Anonymous asked: Hey Mike. Apparently in my mind we're close friends... So, here's the thing. I have the biggest crush on a girl. She shows up sometimes in my church with some friends... She's just so pretty THAT I WANNA DIE. I DO MIKE! And I always think "that's fine, I've done this before, just go talk to her like the cool guy you are" but I can't. I swear to god, I get so awkward... She looks like a model maybe she is one, I don't think guys go through this... It's just such a weird situation... idk, thx

All guys go through this…daily.

I don’t know her personally, but chances are someone is going to talk to her eventually if you don’t.

Lastly, don’t talk to her like a “cool guy” Just be you.

maybeyourethecrazyone asked: What's your advice for someone starting high school?

- Don’t worry about how many people like you.

- No matter how you dress you’re going to be embarrassed of yourself in 15 years.

- Have fun with people who aren’t too cool to laugh at what you say.

- Take pictures.


- Work hard and be productive always, no matter what your grades look like.

You’ll figure it out. Have fun.


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Dopest thing that has happened today. I’ve been on YouTube for a while now. Sometimes I get nervous to try things that may seem “out of the ordinary” because people come to expect a certain thing. Then I remember that it’s YouTube and I can totally try whatever, because it’s YouTube and trying new things makes me smile. Stuff like this makes me the most happy. I’m very thankful to have you watching and listening. THANK YOU! 
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Copped a re-gree from @ohnoitskat of things I’ve said that are now immortalized on paper.
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- Mike Falzone  , Never Stop Shutting Up A Book Of Advice And Other Things

I wish I didn’t write the rest of the book in such a blurry typeface.